About the Association of Palliative Day Services (APDS)

About Us


The Association of Palliative Day Services, known as APDS, is a national representative body formed exclusively for palliative day service professionals from across the UK.

Originally formed in the 1990’s as a platform for day care leaders to share ideas and experiences, the association has sought to bring together services from across the country to uniform structure and develop guidelines for practice. The APDS continues to provide support and education for palliative day service professionals, and has built an essential network for providers across the UK.

The APDS’s vision is to create a meaningful alliance between day service providers, to form a national voice that advocates strategic development to strengthen and align services across the country. The APDS strives to promote education and professional development, and to be continually advancing standards in care for patients and their loved ones. Most importantly, the association has provided a supportive community for day services; this network enables members to draw upon the wealth of experience and expertise within a growing and dedicated network of colleagues.

The APDS aims to:

  • Encourage and promote an exchange of knowledge, experience, and expertise between palliative day services.
  • Encourage and promote educational opportunities and professional development through the delivery of our bespoke two day course, and an annual APDS conference.
  • To nurture innovation, to develop standards of care and principles of good practice within the membership.
  • Raise the profile of palliative day services at a local and national level.
  • Disseminate a greater understanding of the principles underpinning palliative day services.

We are proud to be a multidisciplinary membership organisation. Our members are palliative day service professionals from across the UK. Please visit our membership page for more details.