The Association of Palliative Day Services, known as APDS, is the first national representative body formed exclusively for palliative day service professionals in the UK and Ireland.

As an Association we are a powerful, collective voice. We believe that together we can be an authority in shaping national guidelines and policies, an educator in cultivating public interest and understanding, and an ambassador for our dedicated providers, and the integral service they provide within palliative care.

We aim to challenge, inspire, and empower our members. We do this by nurturing a supportive community for day service professionals, and by providing access to the latest research developments, training, and educational opportunities.

We are proud to be a multidisciplinary membership organisation and welcome the diverse range of professionals working within palliative day services.

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“The zoom event last week was excellent, a really great way of connecting with other Day Hospice services. It was so valuable to share new ways of working, ideas and support each other. I look forward to the next one”


“Really valuable peer support”


“It is wonderful to be able to talk to colleagues feeling as lost as I am. Alone l can not achieve much but with the support and advice from the group, I feel much more positive”